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RustyButTrusty on the Street – Catch-Up Edition

October 18, 2015

When it comes down to it, there’s nothing like a move out of the city into the suburbs that will complicate spotting cars on the street that are there long enough to whip out a camera (phone) and grab a snapshot, but in spite of that, your trusty photographer has prevailed to capture the following cars. First up is a Land Rover that is technically not on the street. What’s more is, it probably hasn’t seen a street for a while. It looks to be a Series 1, and sports a pre-1963 British plate with county code TD, indicating it started life in Manchester. Being in Portland’s Pearl District, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was used as a display for one of the trendy shops there, and has since been stored and forgotten.




Triumphant Pair – 1963 Triumph Herald plus bonus 1961 Herald

September 26, 2014

Think of the compact family cars available back in 1961 – VW Beetle, Renault Dauphine, Citroen 2CV, Fiat Millecento, Morris Minor – many had debuted in the 1950s, late 1940s, or even before the war. And even though they’re interesting to enthusiasts, most of those cars could not lay a claim to being sporty – perhaps the Millecento and the Minor, if any. So the niche for a sporty, inexpensive family sedan with modern styling was wide open, and Triumph was there to fill it with their Italian-designed Herald. Check out this 1963 Triumph Herald for sale for $3800 in Everson, WA.

1963 Triumph Herald convertible for sale right front


Hark! 1962 Triumph Herald

March 17, 2014

Through the years, various companies have turned to Italian stylists when they were looking to broaden their appeal or increase their sales volume. Nearly every nationality that manufactures cars has done it – Japanese, Korean, German, French, British, Swedish. Oh, and the Italians themselves, because nobody goes to the land of the 5-series GT and says “design me something beautiful”. While they were hardly the first to do it, Triumph started a long-lived and fruitful relationship with Giovanni Michelotti by awarding him the contract to design their inexpensive family sedan, the Herald. Most were used up and thrown away, but you can find this 1962 Triumph Herald saloon for sale for $3800 in the Brentwood/Oakley area, CA.

1962 Triumph Herald right rear 2