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Breathing Fire – 1974 Triumph Spitfire

November 17, 2015

On the search for a good example of an MG Midget, the other junior British sports car showed up in some results. With its diminutive size and Italian styling, it could have easily passed for an etceterini in another life, so how about this equation: (Triumph Spitfire) + (hopped up Fiat 1100 engine + cool Italian wheels) = profit? Okay, maybe that’s a bit absurd, so let’s try a Spitfire with a hopped up Spitfire engine, and fortunately there’s this 1974 Triumph Spitfire for sale for $3000 in Bullhead City, AZ.

1974 Triumph Spitfire left front



Sunburst for Cacti – 1971 Opel GT

September 12, 2014

The 1960s and early 1970s truly were a golden era for the sports car, one that took another 30 years to fully return. To replace the fun but sometimes challenging machinery of that age, we’ve got some great sports cars like the Miata, Elise, and BR-Z/FR-S, and that’s only a short list. While cars like the Triumph TRs and MGB were best sellers, other cars like the Opel GT enjoyed a respectable amount of success, selling just over 100,000 cars in its 5 years of production. Check out this 1971 Opel GT for sale for $4000 in Stockton, CA.

1971 Opel GT left side


Just Nice – 1972 MGB

July 18, 2014

Sometimes a car comes up where the combination of photography, the car itself, the description, and more all beckon at you. “Look at me,” they say, “I’m beautiful, I run great, and you’ll have fun driving me home. Rescue me from my distant driveway and bring me back with you.” It doesn’t even have to be a car you’ve been searching for, or one that’s at the top of your list – in fact, it’s a more pleasant surprise when you weren’t expecting it. This morning, we have a car like that – check out this 1972 MGB for sale for $4000 in Bremerton, WA.

1972 MGB left front