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Tarnished Crowns – Pair of 1969 Toyota Coronas

January 20, 2016

While Toyota sedans of the late sixties never had the sporting reputation of the Datsun competition, they’re still a compelling driver classic with funky Japanese styling, available manual transmission and a willing 1.9-liter four-cylinder. Arguably Toyota’s “break-out hit”, the independent front suspension should help with the handling, and the light weight can’t hurt either. While there were plenty manufactured and sold around the world, that means finding one shouldn’t be too hard, nor should keeping it up. We have a couple of examples to look at today – first, let’s check out this 1969 Toyota Corona for sale for $3300 in Stockton, CA.

1969 Toyota Corona 1 left front


Royal Estate – 1974 Toyota Corona Mark 2

September 16, 2014

As more and more car nuts are noticing, the time when Japanese manufacturers were trying to find their way in the North American market are rather interesting – really a truer expression of their country of origin than the later cars, which were fully adapted to North American tastes, and often designed and built there. Early Japanese efforts in the 1960s and 1970s had themes like funky futuristic styling or bizarro-world interpretations of American and European design themes, looking familiar yet unfamiliar. Check out this 1974 Toyota Corona Mark 2 wagon for sale for $1500 in San Diego, CA.

1974 Toyota Corona Mark 2 left front


One Owner Until 2012 – 1968 Toyota Corona

January 8, 2014

Okay, so Toyota sedans are still not the most exciting little cars, but they’ve become quite scarce, and it’s fun to look back to where they started now they’re the second or third-ranked manufacturer worldwide. They’re also a great companion car if you daily drive your classic – simple, reliable even then, and distinctive compared to a modern Bore-rolla. And in spite of the growing classic Japanese car craze, deals are still out there. One from that category is this 1968 Toyota Corona for sale in Colusa, CA for $2850.

1968 Toyota Corona right rear