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Nineties 02 – 1992 Volkswagen Jetta GLI

March 9, 2015

So you want a nimble, light sports sedan that’s not heavy with power windows and seats, airbags and other safety nonsense, and a good driver 2002 has moved out of range? All is not lost, by far. Twenty years after the 2002 went out of production, you could get quite a few sporty sedans that were relatively light, similarly quick, and fun to drive, with technology that was not available on the 2002 – things like electronic fuel injection and four-valve-per-cylinder heads, plus you might get somewhat better handling in poor conditions. Check out this 1992 Volkswagen Jetta GLI for sale for $3000 in Edmonds, WA.

1992 Volkswagen Jetta GLI left front


Royal Estate – 1974 Toyota Corona Mark 2

September 16, 2014

As more and more car nuts are noticing, the time when Japanese manufacturers were trying to find their way in the North American market are rather interesting – really a truer expression of their country of origin than the later cars, which were fully adapted to North American tastes, and often designed and built there. Early Japanese efforts in the 1960s and 1970s had themes like funky futuristic styling or bizarro-world interpretations of American and European design themes, looking familiar yet unfamiliar. Check out this 1974 Toyota Corona Mark 2 wagon for sale for $1500 in San Diego, CA.

1974 Toyota Corona Mark 2 left front


Toyota Coupes #1 – 1968/9 Toyota Corona Mark 2

October 1, 2013

As classic car enthusiasts, it’s entirely legitimate to have conflicted feelings about older Japanese cars. When they were built, they were considered a cheaper, more primitive alternative, and they were ultimately responsible for displacing cars and manufacturers from Italy, France, the United States, and England from our market. That said, the displaced manufacturers also shared that responsibility, and surviving old Japanese cars are now cool for being rare and signalling the beginning of a revolution in the world car market. While their styling was sometimes derivative, it’s still interesting to see the Japanese interpretation of what would sell well in the North American market. A prime example of this is this 1968 Toyota Corona Mark II hardtop coupe, available for $3500 in Santa Fe, NM.

1968 Toyota Corona Mark 2 right rear