One Owner Until 2012 – 1968 Toyota Corona

Okay, so Toyota sedans are still not the most exciting little cars, but they’ve become quite scarce, and it’s fun to look back to where they started now they’re the second or third-ranked manufacturer worldwide. They’re also a great companion car if you daily drive your classic – simple, reliable even then, and distinctive compared to a modern Bore-rolla. And in spite of the growing classic Japanese car craze, deals are still out there. One from that category is this 1968 Toyota Corona for sale in Colusa, CA for $2850.

1968 Toyota Corona right rear

This Corona had the 1.9-liter 3R engine, which put out a respectable 90hp. At around 2200 lb., acceleration to 60 should actually be in the 10-second range. Said to have had a single owner (or perhaps owning family) from new to 2012, it’s only showing a shade over 39,000 miles on its Yazaki-Meter speedometer, although there’s no mention of documentation to prove it. Did the 1968 buyer know this odd little car from Japan would probably outlive many other things he’d purchase in his lifetime? The black plates do indicate it’s been a California car since new.

1968 Toyota Corona front

Have you ever noticed the front grill on these looks like it’s floating? Kind of a neat effect – the Corona was originally designed with input from Battista Farina, so Datsun was not the only Japanese company to use Italian designs. The Japanese seem to have aped the Italians in other ways too, namely in offering the coupe with a 1.6-liter using a twincam head from Yamaha, putting out 110hp. And what is up with that gigantic rear view mirror on the passenger-side fender? That needs immediate removal or replacement.

1968 Toyota Corona interior

The interior looks in decent shape, with some cracking likely on the dash, an aftermarket a/c unit where the glovebox would be, and missing carpet. But the seats are the original material, and what little is visible of the door panels (aside from the driver’s, of which there are two photos – why?) seems to be in good shape, even showing some of the original protective plastic sheeting.

1968 Toyota Corona interior back

The rear is decent too, although there is a little damage to the upholstery visible in the top center of the backrest. Fortunately, that’s the smooth part of the vinyl, so it may be a relatively easy fix. The other neat detail here is the aviation-style (or perhaps simply aviation) seatbelts. Having had a major service to brakes, clutch, and engine, this car seems ready to resume service – where else can you get a three-year-old Toyota (by mileage) for this little?


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2 Responses to “One Owner Until 2012 – 1968 Toyota Corona”

  1. Car Nut Seattle Says:

    Sweet looking Corona. I’ve always liked this generation Toyota Corona. As long as the rust doesn’t penetrate the skin into the passenger cabin, the engine, or the trunk, I’d be fine with it. What matters to me the most is how it runs and drives.

  2. Joseph Looez Says:

    I want it! Please reply

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