Not a Car – 1964 Ford F250 4×4

Want something that grows more hair on your chest than an Austin Healey? An off-roader that eats tinny little RAV4s and CR-Vs for lunch? Something that has not only a tool chest, crash bars, and a heavy metal bumper, but also a hoist to heave things into the bed until you start working on those puny little arms of yours? Well look no further than this 1964 Ford F250 4×4, for sale for $2500 in Bayfield, CO.

1964 Ford F250 4x4 left front

Pickup trucks do not frequently appear here, mostly because their driving dynamics leave something to be desired. But they do still have the appeal of a utilitarian vehicle, designed to do a specific job, with little in the way of complicated extras that will just need repair. Let’s take a closer look at that hoist in the picture below – no ramps and dollies for you, just wrap a chain around what-have-you and swing it into the bed.

1964 Ford F250 4x4 right rear

And if you’re going basic, you might as well go all the way. Steel wheels instead of flashy modern crap. One multigage showing the least information possible. Bench seating, and surprisingly, a headliner. No silly polished diamond plate bumper or toolbox. The dome light, driver’s sun visor, radio, and cloth material on the seats are all a little too luxurious, and the gun rack is just plain over the top when you can throw your guns in the tool box.

1964 Ford F250 4x4 interior

Wisecracking aside, the interior actually looks pretty decent for a truck this age. Most seem to have lost their headliners, the upholstery seems reasonably clean and nearly intact, and the molded metal door panels are kind of cool. The steering wheel is surprisingly sporty – take a look at the steering wheel on a BMW 507 if you disagree.

1964 Ford F250 4x4 engine

The 292 Y-block has been newly rebuilt to its full 170hp, and sends that power to the wheels through a new clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bearing. Carburetor and radiator are also said to be new, although the brakes will need new shoes soon. The seller offers to discuss a set of snow chains and a high lift jack, presumably at additional cost. At only 117,000 miles total, this truck should have a lot of life left in it. Still hoping to live the dream of having a guitar, pickup, and dog all at once? Well, here’s your start…


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One Response to “Not a Car – 1964 Ford F250 4×4”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    I don’t see a power steering pump or a brake booster, so you’d better eat your Wheaties before driving this beast. It seems a good deal though.

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