Tarnished Crowns – Pair of 1969 Toyota Coronas

While Toyota sedans of the late sixties never had the sporting reputation of the Datsun competition, they’re still a compelling driver classic with funky Japanese styling, available manual transmission and a willing 1.9-liter four-cylinder. Arguably Toyota’s “break-out hit”, the independent front suspension should help with the handling, and the light weight can’t hurt either. While there were plenty manufactured and sold around the world, that means finding one shouldn’t be too hard, nor should keeping it up. We have a couple of examples to look at today – first, let’s check out this 1969 Toyota Corona for sale for $3300 in Stockton, CA.

1969 Toyota Corona 1 left front

White is a rather ordinary color on these, at least if combined with the common black vinyl interior, but the body does look to be in very clean condition. It seems to have a later grill, and these wheels, normally more at home on something American, actually look pretty good in an eighties kind of way, together with the whip antenna and small rear view mirrors. The whole thing really needs a wink mirror and some white letter tires to finish it off.

1969 Toyota Corona 1 right front

The brakes are said to need bleeding, but budget for more, while the engine has been upgraded to a 20R, good for durability and some extra torque, paired to a 4-speed manual. The car is registered non-operational with no back fees and a clean title. If you’re stubborn enough to use a classic as a daily driver, but don’t want to deal with the maintenance needs of more exotic stuff, this might be the ticket. However, if it’s an issue of too much money, too many gears, or too much paint, you might want a look at this 1969 Toyota Corona for sale for $1500 in Oakley, CA.

1969 Toyota Corona 2 right front

This looks like the right grill for the year, and those chrome 4-spoke wheels and lowered suspension make an otherwise rough old car look pretty tough. The seller inherited the car from the original owner, which has been off the road for 30 years and comes with all trim. The exterior condition suggests the interior might be pretty sun-baked, but there’s no indication, either by photo or writing, of what things are like in there.

1969 Toyota Corona 2 engine

The engine shows no signs of recent service, and the seller says the car needs attention to both the carburetor and the 3-on-the-tree manual transmission. The car is said to have pretty minor rust, and while it’s only got a 3-speed, the reasonably torquey nature of the engine, along with a 6000rpm redline, mean you’ll be able to make the most of what you’ve got. The slab sides and recessed grill somewhat recall Lincolns of the period, but the adaptation of those design features is more successful than that would lead you to think – if you’re looking for a cheap classic sedan, grab one before the Japanese car market grows too strong!


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