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SCCA F Street Prepared – 1978 Honda Accord Hatch

September 22, 2014

Honda’s Accord is not exactly known to raise anybody’s heart rate, barring some limited-production Si-R and Type R versions not imported to North America. But add a dash of Minilite wheel here, sports suspension there, and sticky rubber here, and all of a sudden you have a fun little car with a rev-happy four-cylinder that will entertain you on the way, even if getting there is not so quick. And as discussed before in this very place, it’s always fun to see these older Japanese cars from when eastern manufacturers were still finding their way in North America, and when their full-size offerings were the size of their current compact sedans. Check out this 1978 Honda Accord Hatch SCCA F Street Prepared for sale for $2900 in Salem, OR.

1978 Honda Accord FSP right front



The Beginning – 1981 Honda Accord

February 12, 2014

Before the Accord, most Honda automobiles were not terribly well-suited to the North American market. Think back to the S600 and S800, the N600 and Z600, the 1300 coupe (not even sold in NA) and even the Civic, which arguably owed a lot of its success to the fuel crisis. The Accord was the beginning of the end for that approach, and the current generation of that car is at the upper limit of the mid-size class. However, for a long time, they were compact and somewhat sporting sedans, and that’s what should draw some interest to this 1981 Honda Accord sedan, for sale for $4500 in Fountain Hills, AZ.

1981 Honda Accord right side


RustyButTrusty On The Street – Buick (yes, Buick), Honda, Chevrolet

October 19, 2013

Chronicling the cars you see on the street sure does a lot to make you appreciate them, both in terms of quantity and variety, if not always quality! Today’s edition of RustyButTrusty on the Street covers three cars that, in spite of not being orphans, are rare sights indeed. Our first car is perhaps the rarest version of GM’s X-body platform, the Buick Apollo 2-door coupe, only built from 1973-74. In 1975, this was renamed the Skylark, and lost a lot of appeal for it, because what’s cooler than a car named after a Roman god, and sharing its name with a sports car (awesome) and a rocket (double awesome!!)? Unfortunately, it’s beige and not the rare spoilers-and-stripes GSX version. Either way, the slight styling variations on this badge-engineered special are enough to make you do a double-take.