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Too soon? 1986 Honda Accord Limousine

March 1, 2010

Thanks to an article I read this morning, I was thinking back to some of the weird limos you could get in the 1980s. It used to be strictly Cadillacs and Lincolns, but for a while in the 1980s, you could also get stretched versions of unlikely suspects such as the Chrysler K-car, compact Cadillac Fleetwood, Honda Accord, and probably others. A neighbor on one of my newspaper routes as a child had a dark blue Chrysler Executive, but there were none to be found… so I stretched my memory banks and thought back to a day on I280 when I saw a limo made out of a Honda Accord. Like most other people, I reacted with “why??”. And unlike most others, my other reaction was “cool!”

So that brings us to today’s car. It’s a 1986 Honda Accord limo, most likely built by Marquis Custom Coach in Canoga Park, CA. A quick online search netted this period article from the Boca Raton News about the conversion. At the time, the Accord got 25mpg and was about $24K, and in an era of shrinking cars they could be forgiven for thinking this would be the limo of the future. Find this car for sale in Salem, OR for $2000 (or a quad, if you have one lying around!).

1986 Honda Accord limo


The beginning of the end – 1977 Honda Accord Hatchback

February 5, 2010

Inspired by a recent magazine feature on the early Toyota Celicas, I started looking around for one to feature. As the article (accurately) mentioned, they’re really quite hard to find in decent shape, and certainly at our price point, so I kept digging through listings for other older Japanese cars. And that’s when I came across the Honda Accord, which you could arguably say was the beginning of the end for lower-end European and American cars in the US market. First sold in 1976 as a compact hatchback, they were already being built in Marysville, OH in 1982. While the first Accords only had 68hp from their 1.6-liter fours, they were also probably smaller than today’s Civics, and likely not much larger than a Fit. At about 2000 lbs., they were definitely lighter.

So we come to today’s second feature, a 1977 hatchback. As it happens, it’s listed in Marysville, WA, for $1500. Finished in a lovely shade of gold metallic, with turbine-style wheels (could they be vintage Mugen?), it’s amazing what good condition this car is in – when’s the last time you saw one on the road, let alone one this nice?

1977 Honda Accord front