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Two-go – 1987 Yugo GV and 1988 Yugo 45

March 22, 2016

Once the butt of many jokes, together with the Hyundai Excel of the same time, the Yugo has now been largely forgotten by most people under age 30. Which, incidentally, is about how old the oldest Yugo is – their North American run lasted from 1985 to 1990. As has been pointed out here before, while they’ve been much maligned in the past, they share many Fiat 128 parts and therefore qualify for similar performance upgrades. And indeed, with a little work, some enthusiasts have made these into fun little go-karts that will hold their own on back roads and autocross tracks. That said, many were neglected, and quite a few still remain as I’ll-get-to-it-someday projects in someone’s back yard. To wit, one example is this 1987 Yugo GV for sale for $1000 in Atlanta, GA.

1987 Yugo GV right front



Tito’s Last Gasp – 1987 Yugo GV

September 19, 2014

The Yugo was the only car built behind the Iron Curtain to be successfully sold in the United States. Malcolm Bricklin found himself a cheap car to take advantage of Americans’ never-ending thirst for cheap wheels, and the thawing cold war meant it was easier to accept cars from the socialist bloc than when Ladas and Skodas were being sent to places like Finland, England, and Canada. And while those cars were either fully or partly developed by nasty Communists, the Yugo was just a Fiat built outside of Italy, which was not communist or socialist at all! Okay, actually, it was, kinda. Check out this 1987 Yugo GV for sale for $1500 in Lemon Valley, NV.

1987 Yugo GV left side


I Go, Yu Go, We All Scream For… Oh. – 1986 Yugo GV

August 19, 2014

So the Yugo was a big national scandal, scam, or something. In the light of crazy inflation in the early 1980s, and lingering fuel economy awareness from the 1970s crises, manufacturers perceived a demand for small, bargain basement cars, such that you could buy a new Yugo or Hyundai for the price of a used Honda or VW. And hey, what was good enough for Comrade Miroslav or Jay Park should be just fine for Earl too, right? These ultimate throwaway cars have for the most part disappeared from our roads, and while the Excel was a boring cheap heap, the Yugo actually had a little fun built in that makes them appeal to the same folks crazy enough to love Fiat 128s and X1/9s. Check out this 1986 Yugo GV for sale with bidding at $1780 and 6 days left to go in El Cajon, CA.

1986 Yugo GV left front