Two-go – 1987 Yugo GV and 1988 Yugo 45

Once the butt of many jokes, together with the Hyundai Excel of the same time, the Yugo has now been largely forgotten by most people under age 30. Which, incidentally, is about how old the oldest Yugo is – their North American run lasted from 1985 to 1990. As has been pointed out here before, while they’ve been much maligned in the past, they share many Fiat 128 parts and therefore qualify for similar performance upgrades. And indeed, with a little work, some enthusiasts have made these into fun little go-karts that will hold their own on back roads and autocross tracks. That said, many were neglected, and quite a few still remain as I’ll-get-to-it-someday projects in someone’s back yard. To wit, one example is this 1987 Yugo GV for sale for $1000 in Atlanta, GA.

1987 Yugo GV right front

This car, which has no title, is said to need a head and gasket, along with a timing belt. The water pump is probably a while-you’re-in-there item. It also seems to be missing hub caps, and the door trim is trying to escape its confinement. The 1.1-liter engine should be good for 55hp and 86mph, but at this point, you’re probably better off hanging out on the Fiat boards and finding a 1.3 or 1.5 from a 128 or X1/9, a carbureted 1.3 from a 1990 GV, or a fuel-injected 1.3 from a GVX. This car already looks to have a silver bumper from a later car, and while the roof rack won’t gain you automatic acceptance at a vintage VW meet, it might come in handy for weekend back roads trips. There are hints of rust around the windshield, but that’s not surprising in a humid area like Atlanta. If you’re short $50 on that one, though, you might consider this 1988 Yugo 45 for sale for $950 in Snellville, GA.

1988 Yugo 45 left front

This car looks decent and complete, save for one wiper arm. It’s not clear if this is a 1988, as the listing title says, or a 1986, as stated in the text. Never mind that, though, as this car comes with its legal title, and is said to be rust and accident free. Unfortunately, it’s said to need a block and other minor odds and ends. Perhaps your best bet with either of these cars is to scour the junkyards and online listings to find yourself a terminally rusted X1/9 with a usable engine and alloy wheels – what path would you follow with these?


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One Response to “Two-go – 1987 Yugo GV and 1988 Yugo 45”

  1. kew1999 Says:

    One need a top end, one needs a block could be a project

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