Cool Parts – Pontiac GTO Tri-Power Intake

Among all the classic car listings online, there are occasionally errant parts that weren’t correctly listed in the parts pages. Most of it is pretty ordinary stuff – bumpers from late model cars, take-off wheel sets and the like – but occasionally something interesting shows up. One example of that is this 1964 Pontiac GTO Tri-Power intake for sale for $1200 in Flowers Branch, GA.

1964 Pontiac GTO Tri Power intake side

Said to add 23-35hp depending on the year, this 1964 setup would boost your 4-barrel 389 to 348hp. That’s gross hp, of course, but even with the adusted numbers you should be seeing respectable power and torque numbers. While most GTOs aren’t accessible to the budget enthusiast, this should be compatible with anything running a Pontiac 389, so you don’t have to have the actual thing. These particular carbs came off a running vehicle last fall, but had a low-rpm problem. It’s safe to assume they would need a rebuild, but these are pretty straightforward carbs – one enthusiast site cites the factory manual in saying there is no synchronization needed – so you should be able to rebuild them yourself.

1964 Pontiac GTO Tri Power intake front

Even if you don’t get to rebuilding these, they will make your garage look really cool. The way they’re staggered at different heights on the intake is neat, and the circular chrome filter covers add a sporting touch. Indeed, if you purchased today’s feature Yugos, perhaps the best thing to do is put these on display in the back seat – while they won’t actually make your car faster, they will make it look and feel faster, and cooler to boot. Have you ever bought a cool car part for looks rather than function?


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One Response to “Cool Parts – Pontiac GTO Tri-Power Intake”

  1. Mike P Says:

    Tri-Power. The holy grail to us old time Pontiac guys.

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