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Top of the Line – 1988 Yugo GVX

January 13, 2014

Essentially a mashup of the Fiat 127 and 128, the Yugo was America’s cheapest car back in the late 1980s, a time when sales of Mercedes and other cars cloaked in gold and chrome trim reached an all-time high. Speaking of all-time highs, the popularity of cocaine was probably involved in some lapses of judgement, including the aforementioned gold/chrome packages, outlandish Gemballa flare packages, and for the savers (savingfordrugstomakemesosmartonlyafoolwouldwasteitoncars!!!!), the Hyundai Excel and Yugo. Kidding aside, if you were looking for cheap wheels in 1988, and didn’t mind doing a little more service than on a Civic, the Yugo was a pretty good option. Being a Fiat cousin, it had a little of that cheap, cheerful and sporty Italian spirit. And in 1988, the top of the line GVX came with a 1300 engine and 5-speed transmission, although fuel injection was still around the corner. You can find this 1980s icon (in fame or infamy, it is an icon), a 1988 Yugo GVX, for sale for $1000 in Portland, OR.

1988 Yugo GVX left front


The Real People’s Car – 1986 Yugo GV

October 12, 2013

As Fiat had just pulled out of the US market, and Renault and Volkswagen’s fortunes were waning, Malcolm Bricklin saw an opportunity to jump in with an inexpensive car to round out his long-in-the-tooth model line, the Pininfarina Azzura (Fiat 124) and Bertone X1/9, with a compact, affordable car. Originally pitched with a $4500 list price, a 10-year/100K-mile warranty and free maintenance, there was no doubt this car, developed for a closed socialist economy, would be a hit in a competitive capitalist market. Hundreds of changes were made to comply with American requirements and laws, and the cars were even built on a special production line with workers who were paid extra for their effort (wait, wasn’t this car was from a socialist country?). Ultimately, the Yugo GV went on the market at $3990, but now you can have this 1986 Yugo GV, in Nashua, NH, for a mere fraction of its original purchase price at either the $2695 Buy-It-Now price or the starting bid of $995 with reserve unmet and about 1 day left.

1986 Yugo GV right front