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High Visibility – 1980 Triumph TR7

March 24, 2016

While it’s not for everyone, there’s something nice about bright yellow paint on Malaise-era cars. Maybe it’s that the bright cheeriness of yellow helps offset the drabness of giant bumpers emphasizing what was sometimes already gawky styling. Think about a Datsun B210 in brown, and then imagine the same car in yellow Honey Bee trim. It’s not that it makes it a better car, but it’s certainly a lot easier on the eyes, and 30-odd years on, might make you feel more warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia than root beer brown or beige. While the TR7 was not a drab shape, it was certainly controversial, and it did have rather protuberant bumpers. Finding them in yellow is pretty unusual (well, unless you type “yellow TR7” into the world’s most popular search engine) so let’s consider this 1980 Triumph TR7 for sale for $2900 in Covington, GA.

1980 Triumph TR7 left front



All Faux, No Go – 1977 Triumph TR7 Coupe

March 8, 2016

Triumph’s TR7 makes a great alternative to more common sports cars of its time. It’s got a divisive notchback wedge design, flip-up headlights, gawky big bumpers, decent power which is sometimes hampered by smog equipment, as well as plaid seating, a useful trunk and the most modern amenities you’ll find on any affordable British sports car of its time. All those things make it a good alternative to cars like the Mazda RX-7 with its rotary engine, plaid seating, useful rear hatch and… wait, what? The Japanese car is weirder? Anyhow, TR7s seem to have suffered greater attrition, so let’s pretend it’s weird just for being rare and take a look at this 1977 Triumph TR7 coupe for sale for $3500 in Carver, MA.

1977 Triumph TR7 coupe right front


Deja Vu – 1981 Triumph TR7 PI

July 16, 2014

There has been no shortage of British wedges on the market lately, so we’re able to hunt and peck to find some of the nicer examples, or at least those with better specification. As mentioned in the past, some of the latest TR7s came with fuel injection (you can hardly use the British term, PI – short for Petrol Injection – without thinking of Magnum PI. Hmm, Magnum Petrol Injection would be a much better name than L-jetronic). These late-production cars were better suited to the evolving smog rules of the day, and will hopefully provide both improved reliability and easier emissions testing. Check out this 1981 Triumph TR7 for sale for $3100 in Santa Cruz, CA.

1981 Triumph TR7 right front