Deja Vu – 1981 Triumph TR7 PI

There has been no shortage of British wedges on the market lately, so we’re able to hunt and peck to find some of the nicer examples, or at least those with better specification. As mentioned in the past, some of the latest TR7s came with fuel injection (you can hardly use the British term, PI – short for Petrol Injection – without thinking of Magnum PI. Hmm, Magnum Petrol Injection would be a much better name than L-jetronic). These late-production cars were better suited to the evolving smog rules of the day, and will hopefully provide both improved reliability and easier emissions testing. Check out this 1981 Triumph TR7 for sale for $3100 in Santa Cruz, CA.

1981 Triumph TR7 right front

Santa Cruz is already a nice place, so pack up the family and hoodwink them into a possible car purchase with the allure of a beach front town. This TR7 is said to be in good running order, with a refreshed top end including resurfaced head and engine inspection. It idles smoothly and passes smog without problems, so it sounds like the L-jet would help here.

1981 Triumph TR7 engine

Indeed, the engine looks clean enough to suggest recent work. The seller was planning on using this car to commute to work, but the seller still prefers his Fiat X1/9 on the local curvy highways, in spite of its power deficit. The car is also said to be 100% complete, down to the wheel covers, interior trim pieces, and more.

1981 Triumph TR7 interior

Speaking of the interior, it looks in reasonably good shape, although it looks like the seat upholstery looks like it was replaced with something from a conversion van at some point. The dash is surprisingly crack-free, or at least low-crack, so you can save there. The center console has enough levers to suggest dual-zone ventilation, though that’s hardly likely with a car of this age and price bracket.

1981 Triumph TR7 left front

It does have some needs, including a cracked windshield, worn top, windshield wiper switch, trunk lock, and paint. The windshield and paint are probably not trivial, but given the overall condition of the car and all the recent mechanical work, you probably have a good basis for a driving project. Are you looking for a wedge yet?


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