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Faded Glory #1 – 1961 Humber Super Snipe Series III

November 19, 2013

Most people, when asked to think of British luxury cars sold in North America, will probably think of Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Jaguar. If pressed, the older, nuttier types might remember Rover’s various attempts here, but it’s unlikely anyone will remember Humber, even though their cars were sold here from 1946 to 1967. Humber was effectively the Rootes Group’s Rover, and in fact, there’s no clear differentiation between their strategies. Both offered conservatively-designed cars with luxurious interiors using leather, wood, and wool, and with a reasonably powerful, if old-fashioned, six cylinder engine. In fact, when Chrysler acquired Rootes, several attempts were made to fit the Chrysler V8, just as Rover had adopted the American Buick V8. If anything, the Humber was more conservative than Rover, retaining styling cues well into the sixties that were influenced by 1950s American cars. You can find this 1961 Humber Super Snipe for sale in Ames, IA with a starting bid of $2500 and 6 days left to go.

1961 Humber Super Snipe for sale right front


British Fins – 1964 Sunbeam Alpine

October 27, 2013

About 20 years ago when it was still not unusual to see British cars (made by a British conglomerate, not an American, Indian, or German one) on the road, Sunbeam Alpines were already a fairly unusual sight. Very distinctive for their fins, and somewhat more luxurious than a contemporary MG or Triumph, they were not in the mainstream and suffered from a reputation for not being a true sports car. However, by contemporary standards, the small luxuries make them usable by today’s standards. Alpines were built in several series, with the first 3 maintaining the rear fins that are part of what makes them similar to a Ford Thunderbird. Last to bear the fins, this 1964 Sunbeam Alpine Series III is for sale in sun Valley, CA for $3200.

1964 Sunbeam Alpine right front