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Le Jaune – 1978 Renault LeCar

December 28, 2013

Perhaps if a Renault LeCar joined the RustyButTrusty fleet, the desire to feature every one that comes up for sale would diminish. That said, even after a Lancia Beta came and went, the attraction to the theory is still there, even if the reality is not as compelling. And these were best-sellers in France and many other parts of the world, so how bad could it be? Anyhow, enough blathering, check out this 1978 Renault LeCar for sale in Glendale, CA for a relatively high $3800.

1978 Renault LeCar yellow right rear


La Voiture – 1982 Renault LeCar

November 22, 2013

It’s not clear how many Renault LeCars were sold in North America, and you don’t see many on the road, but it’s interesting to see the regularity with which they show up in online listing sites. While there is no available sales breakdown, Renault’s overall sales increased by a factor of six during the LeCar’s US run, so it must have had some impact. While it only had 58hp, the comfortable seats, torsion bar suspension, and long wheelbase did their thing to give the car a comfortable ride. No doubt this must have been frustrating for Renault’s US sales and marketing team – they were giving Americans the ride quality to which they were accustomed, along with the fuel economy they needed, and yet they failed to beat out the Japanese and Germans (nevermind the Americans’ own efforts). Anyhow, if you’re in the market for a smoooooth ride and great fuel economy, you’ll want to check out this 1982 Renault LeCar for sale in Ann Arbor, MI, with bidding at $1877, reserve not met and less than one day left to go.

1982 Renault LeCar right rear


Horsing Around – 1978 Renault LeCar Black Beauty

December 14, 2009

Update, 12/14/09: Thanks to flaky bidders, this car is back on eBay. Guess I shouldn’t have been so hasty on the short-eating.

Well, who knew… bringing us down to another level of obscurity is this Black Beauty edition Renault LeCar. I don’t believe this car was actually equine-inspired in any way, but it’s still a neat 70s-style options package based on the R5 GTL. Options, most of which we take for granted nowadays, included a sport steering wheel, alloy wheels, special red striping (ooooh!), AM/FM stereo with delux rear antenna, a locking gas cap, folding canvas roof, and a rear wiper. But really, the most entertaining thing about the brochure (scroll down on the linked page to see it) is the fact that it refers to Le Package. Well, at least it’s funny if you have the mind of a 13-year-old French boy. On a more personal note, the mother of a childhood friend of mine had one of these with the ragtop, and I was pretty impressed at the time with how spacious and smooth-riding it felt.

Anyway, on to the example at hand. Compared to most Renault 5s you see for sale, this one’s in pretty fantastic shape. The black paint and striping are shiny and presentable, and the interior looks pretty tidy as well. It’s also comforting that the seller has thoroughly photographed the car inside and out, so you can see both its flaws and its strengths. On another amusing note, the gold plaque on the dash confers the status of A COLLECTOR ITEM on the car, to quote the seller. Too bad there aren’t that many Renault Le Car collectors out there… that said, this example, in Corona, CA seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention, with 44 (!) bids currently bringing it up to $2750. Don’t get me wrong, I like these cars, but if it significantly passes $3000, I’ll eat my shorts.

1978 Renault LeCar front