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The Voiture – 1982 Renault Le Car

September 25, 2015

As it is somewhere in the vast unwritten RustyButTrusty mission to catalog the majority of the Alfettas on the market, so it is too for Renault’s LeCar. And thank goodness it’s an attainable goal, unlike covering something as common as the Alfa Romeo 164. And for something that was considered a throwaway car by some many people, it’s interesting to see there are a couple each year in very good condition. Another bright note is these were never sold with an automatic transmission – probably part of the key to their demise here – so you won’t get lumbered with a gorgeous survivor running an underdeveloped/slow/recalcitrant drivetrain. Check out this 1982 Renault LeCar for sale for $4000 in New Milford, NJ.

1982 Renault Le Car right front


Haute Kilometrage – 1983 Renault LeCar

June 6, 2014

Frequent readers will have noticed that most Renault LeCars offered for sale will show up here – they’re a quirky, iconic classic that had much more success outside of North America. Most survivors have faded paint, sun-baked interiors, rust, or mechanical failures, combined with low miles, but occasionally you’ll find a European market car, or one set up with some desirable features that keep it from getting lumped in with every other LeCar. You can find this 1983 Renault LeCar for sale for C$950 ($870 today) in Tsawwassen, BC.

1983 Renault LeCar right front


Modern Supermini – 1974 Renault 5TL

April 28, 2014

From the North American perspective, we tend to think of the Renault 5 as a car from the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, it actually debuted in 1972, and it’s a credit to its ingenuity as a design that it lasted in production all the way through 1985 in its first iteration, and a further 11 years in the second, which was a completely new Gandini-designed car with a very similar appearance. Imagine that this basic design spanned the presidential administrations of Nixon to Clinton, or from the years of the BMW 2002 to the E36 3-series, and you’ll see how avant-garde this car must have seemed at its debut. Even more amazing, the first generation was designed by a Renault employee in his spare time. You can find this 1974 Renault 5TL for sale for €1500 ($2077 today) in Tortefontaine, France.

1974 Renault 5 left front