Haute Kilometrage – 1983 Renault LeCar

Frequent readers will have noticed that most Renault LeCars offered for sale will show up here – they’re a quirky, iconic classic that had much more success outside of North America. Most survivors have faded paint, sun-baked interiors, rust, or mechanical failures, combined with low miles, but occasionally you’ll find a European market car, or one set up with some desirable features that keep it from getting lumped in with every other LeCar. You can find this 1983 Renault LeCar for sale for C$950 ($870 today) in Tsawwassen, BC.

1983 Renault LeCar right front

Right away, you’ll notice a couple of things – this car has the cool alloy wheels found on the Black Beauty special edition cars, and it sports European bumpers and headlights. This LeCar is said to have been the seller’s daily driver for the last 16 years (!!!), and is said to have a little rust and paint peeling, and is in need of a front end rebuild. It received an engine rebuild about 50,000 miles ago, and is said to be a reliable car, so you can probably continue to expect the same for another 50K or so. In case something goes wrong, your C$950 also gets you a spare engine and transmission.

1983 Renault LeCar left rear

Overall, the car looks pretty clean, and is likely a good candidate for a rolling restoration. Dark blue on gray is a good color combination for this car, and the sliding ragtop gives you most of the benefits of a convertible without the structural or space compromises. For a seller to have driven this car for so long, and to have chosen the upgrades listed, the car must be well-cared for.

1983 Renault LeCar engine

As usual, there’s not much to see under the hood of an R5, given part of the engine is covered with spare tire, and the other part is covered with airbox, intake, and smog hoses. For a driver, it looks reasonably clean and complete, though a couple of detail shots with the spare out would be helpful, even if it’s unfair to expect that at this price range.

1983 Renault LeCar interior

The interior appears to have been upgraded too, with seats from either a GTA or a hot French-market R5. With not much work (front end and other miscellaneous bits) it looks like you could have a fun driver, and with a bit more you might have one of the most unusual, attention getting cars at the local classic car meet-up.


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One Response to “Haute Kilometrage – 1983 Renault LeCar”

  1. pickles Says:

    In the US, that would probably be a $3000-$4000 car if it looks as good as the pics. Those bumpers and headlights alone are sex on wheels- then the great seats, tach, wheels, WITH the sliding roof.. ugh. Too far from California or I’d be racing for it.

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