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Auntie – 1956 Rover P4 75

November 11, 2013

Sometimes, there are so many neat old cars out there, one escapes by the time its turn comes up. While that’s a great sign for what’s out there for us old car nuts, it means that the listing for the car has already expired. In spite of that, the owner shared his contact info, so should you be interested, please use the contact form on this site to request his phone number. That said, this was listed for sale for about $3000 in Los Angeles, CA.

1956 Rover P4 75 nose


Cheap Auntie – 1957 Rover P4 90

April 21, 2011

Not only is this the oldest car featured here, I believe, but it is also arguably the most elegant. Featuring a beautiful chrome waterfall grill, all-wood dash, and leather interior, it’s quite a luxurious vehicle that has some of the features people most strongly associate with British luxury sedans. No doubt it also smells like a 50-year-old British car: oil, fuel, leather, and who knows what other chemicals.

This particular car appears to be a top of the line model originally sold in New Zealand, judging by the front plate. The 2.6-liter six-cylinder engine puts out 90hp and pulls the car to a top speed of around 90mph. Even better, 0-60 took an epic 19 seconds. What the heck was that car geared for? Any modern 90-hp car will better that – I’d even wager my 83hp Lancia Beta is quicker. Back to the car, it’s also finished in an elegant silver/black two-tone paint job. You can find it for $2900 in Monterey, CA.

1957 Rover P4 90 front left