Auntie – 1956 Rover P4 75

Sometimes, there are so many neat old cars out there, one escapes by the time its turn comes up. While that’s a great sign for what’s out there for us old car nuts, it means that the listing for the car has already expired. In spite of that, the owner shared his contact info, so should you be interested, please use the contact form on this site to request his phone number. That said, this was listed for sale for about $3000 in Los Angeles, CA.

1956 Rover P4 75 nose

As often happens, the photography skills of the seller are fairly limited. However, you can see the car’s been stored off the ground, or it’s levitating, and as such the damage from storage outdoors should not be too bad. While this is not an early cyclops car, you still get aluminum hood, doors, and trunk lid, and suicide doors, along with a freewheel feature that only lasted into 1959. Unfortunately, the inline six is a carryover from the prewar P3 that only put out 75hp. You’ll top out at just over 80mph, but who cares about that when you’re surrounded by wood and leather.

1956 Rover P4 75 interior

And here’s the interior, which is said to be complete, down to the radio and clock. It’s also said to have no rust issues, having always been in California. However, the engine is in a box in the car, awaiting a rebuild. You may be better off acquiring a replacement engine, if you can find one. The owner will also supply all the records that came from the previous owner of the car, which is nice since a car’s history so often goes lost as ownership changes. Is this a worthy project to you? Picture rowing through the six’s column shift transmission while exploring the back roads of the California Gold Country in this old auntie.


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