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Oldest Yet – 1922 Ford Model T Pickup

January 2, 2015

Generally, the cars featured here are from the 1960s-1980s era. But it’s good to mix it up every so often – not only in terms of how weird the featured cars are, but also in terms of age. And frankly, the Model T meets both criteria – between its extraordinarily long production lifespan, this car’s 92-year age, and the unconventional 3-pedal system controlling the gears. Though incredibly common, it was also a very innovative car, famously for its production methods and less-famously for its versatility as a car and multi-purpose tool. Check out this 1922 Ford Model T pickup for sale for $3500 in San Jose, CA.

1922 Ford Model T right front



Oldest Car Yet – 1926 Ford Model T Speedster

September 24, 2014

Ford Model Ts share a great deal of the appeal of many of the cars featured here on RustyButTrusty – they have character, they’re old, and they’re fun to drive. But ironically, this car that everyone’s grandpa traded for a suckling pig and $25 is now mostly out of reach of our self-imposed price limit, with good solid cars around $10-$15,000. That said, if you’re willing to compromise a little on your idea of a complete, running car, you might find something affordable. Like this 1926 Ford Model T Speedster for sale for $4000 in Erieville, NY.

1926 Ford Model T Speedster right front