Oldest Yet – 1922 Ford Model T Pickup

Generally, the cars featured here are from the 1960s-1980s era. But it’s good to mix it up every so often – not only in terms of how weird the featured cars are, but also in terms of age. And frankly, the Model T meets both criteria – between its extraordinarily long production lifespan, this car’s 92-year age, and the unconventional 3-pedal system controlling the gears. Though incredibly common, it was also a very innovative car, famously for its production methods and less-famously for its versatility as a car and multi-purpose tool. Check out this 1922 Ford Model T pickup for sale for $3500 in San Jose, CA.

1922 Ford Model T right front

Normally, driver Model Ts are priced around two to three times this car’s price, so you’ll have to expect some issues. These include a radiator that appears to be smaller than its shell and an engine that won’t start. On the bright side, the car is said to have fresh paint, good compression, a functioning spark box, new tires, a carburetor rebuild kit, and tight spokes. And since these cars are designed to be simple as dirt to fix by your local blacksmith (what, you don’t have one nearby?), and parts are still easy to get, resolving its issues should be straightforward, even if you end up having to do a full rebuild of the drivetrain.

1922 Ford Model T engine

The engine itself looks reasonably clean, wires look pretty fresh (if some are modern), though the radiator hose seems to be missing clamps, and the fan looks to be missing its belt. Since this is a pretty common and simple old car that was built for totally different road conditions, it’s not going out on a limb to say some upgrades to help drivability and reliability don’t detract the way they might in some other cars. In fact, one of the fun things with Model Ts is the availability of hop-up parts to squeeze an extra five mile an hour outta her. That said, even in stock specification, these 2.3-liter four-cylinders develop a decent amount of torque, and it doesn’t feel like you’re maxing out at 35.

1922 Ford Model T left rear

The bed looks to be an aftermarket conversion, or perhaps something made by a skilled wood worker, but it’s not the standard metal bed seen on Ts. That said, it was far from uncommon to convert these vehicles to all kinds of uses, so this is probably a touring car that was chopped behind the front seat and converted into something more useful. Either way, this is a fun, low-priced entry into the world of Model Ts.

1922 Ford Model T interior

The interior benefits from a reupholstered seat, though again the low price of the car means you’ll have to accept vinyl in an incorrect pattern. Part of the floorboard also appears to be missing, but if you’re good with a table saw, and have a hardware store nearby, you can quickly make up your own. Perhaps the seller just has it out to try to resolve the no-start issue. So if you’re feeling coordinated enough to use a hand throttle and brake, and foot-operated gear change and brake (hello motorcyclists!), or you just want to see driving as your (great?) grandparents maybe this is the car for you!


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  1. L'Ornithorynque Says:

    Not too expensive, nice car 🙂

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