Tree Hugger – 1956 Lincoln Premiere

There’s something fascinating about American cars when they were at their postwar peak – they’re a pure expression of how we were doing economically, and where our design sense was pointed, but some of the top models were also built with pretty amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail. One of those is the Lincoln Premiere – a large hardtop 2-door powered by a massive engine, and with heaps of chrome. Check out this 1956 Lincoln Premiere for sale for $3700 in Brentwood, CA.

1956 Lincoln Premiere left front

You could say some of the lines inspired the Soviet Chaika, although many would also point to Packard as the inspiration for that design. Either way, the chrome and massive hood ornament say “I’m coming!”. This car is said to retain its original 368ci V8, down to the air filter, although it’s seized up. It also has (had?) trunk-mounted air-conditioning, electric seats and windows, and a straight and nearly rot-free body. And that’s about all the description says, aside from mentioning it’s on wheels from a Dodge Ram pickup.

1956 Lincoln Premiere left rear

So what the hell is this? It’s like there was an elephant in the room… “don’t talk about the tree, what tree, there’s no tree, just don’t mention the tree”. “Phew, I made it through this entire listing without mentioning the tree!”. Sadly, this car seems to have been left out in someone’s back 40 to rot… perhaps the best thing to do with it is scrap it restore the entire thing around the tree.


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3 Responses to “Tree Hugger – 1956 Lincoln Premiere”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    that is beyond odd.

  2. jimmyrk3j Says:

    And a little sad..

  3. Willy Says:

    Well, at least the ad says it is rot free, so we know that tree is solid.

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