Oldest Car Yet – 1926 Ford Model T Speedster

Ford Model Ts share a great deal of the appeal of many of the cars featured here on RustyButTrusty – they have character, they’re old, and they’re fun to drive. But ironically, this car that everyone’s grandpa traded for a suckling pig and $25 is now mostly out of reach of our self-imposed price limit, with good solid cars around $10-$15,000. That said, if you’re willing to compromise a little on your idea of a complete, running car, you might find something affordable. Like this 1926 Ford Model T Speedster for sale for $4000 in Erieville, NY.

1926 Ford Model T Speedster right front

It’s not totally clear what year this car is from, and it may well be a jumble. The steel spoke wheels point to a 1926-7 car, while the angular hood with no side vents and brass radiator are from a fairly early T. Speedster builders often used what they or the local wrecking yard had in stock, so it’s quite possible there is no real year. Speedsters are cool for often being the quickest version of the T, though to pull off the open-wheel look, they really need a metal racing body – this would be much improved with a couple of bucket seats, treated wood and some fenders to give it a more cohesive look. All the same, the brass radiator, monocle windshield, horn and period lights are cool pieces to have. Model Ts are an accessible way to broaden your automotive experience – have you driven one?


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One Response to “Oldest Car Yet – 1926 Ford Model T Speedster”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    A buddy of mine bought a Model T a while ago; He never did figure out how to drive it as far as I know, he’s sold it since.

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