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R8, Version Depardieu – 1967 and 1969 Renault R10

April 17, 2014

Renault’s small cars have always been an interesting counterpoint to the ubiquitous VW Beetle and its Type 3 and 4 siblings. Running a rear engine with a similar power output from smaller displacement, it had the advantages of an inline four, primarily the greater effectiveness of a conventional heating system that didn’t threaten to asphyxiate its passengers when in less than perfect condition. While they also benefited from French ride comfort, the engines were not quite as durable, and the styling of the later rear-engine Renaults, while much more modern than VW’s offerings, was not exactly beautiful. You can find the first of two, this 1967 Renault R10, for sale for $2800 in Long Beach, CA.

1967 Renault R10 left front