R8, Version Depardieu – 1967 and 1969 Renault R10

Renault’s small cars have always been an interesting counterpoint to the ubiquitous VW Beetle and its Type 3 and 4 siblings. Running a rear engine with a similar power output from smaller displacement, it had the advantages of an inline four, primarily the greater effectiveness of a conventional heating system that didn’t threaten to asphyxiate its passengers when in less than perfect condition. While they also benefited from French ride comfort, the engines were not quite as durable, and the styling of the later rear-engine Renaults, while much more modern than VW’s offerings, was not exactly beautiful. You can find the first of two, this 1967 Renault R10, for sale for $2800 in Long Beach, CA.

1967 Renault R10 left front

Bleu fonctionnaire (government worker blue, the color assigned to cars used for public service) works pretty well on this car and does a good job of de-emphasizing the blocky, somewhat off-balance shape. This car is sporting bumper overriders that were likely specified for the US market, and does not yet have the square marker lights seen on later cars. Overall, it’s in pretty nice condition compared to the R8s and R10s seen here previously. While it runs, it is said to need some work, but is hopefully a good basis for a driver.

1967 Renault R10 interior

The interior looks to be in very good, complete condition, so you won’t have to make any excuses for that. Again, it’s a nice counterpoint to the usual sun-baked interiors of off-beat dry-state econocars. The two spoke steering wheel even lends a bit of a sporting feel, even if the powertrain can’t live up to that promise.

1967 Renault R10 rear

Good from the back, too – you’ll notice it’s got California black plates, although that might not mean so much when the car is so close to the sea. Even the license plate frame shows it was (originally?) sold by Long Beach Import Auto. Is that a trailer hitch under the bumper? This seems like a less-than-idea tow car, given most of the weight is at the back already. This car is the same price as yesterday’s Peugeot 504 – which would you pick? Or would you go on a French car spree?

1969 Renault R10 left front

Next up is this 1969 Renault R10, for sale for an unnamed price in Gardena, CA. It’s largely the same as its earlier brother, though the tail lights have moved downwards, allowing the brushed metal panel with the Renault badge to stretch across the rear. The car has also sprouted a pair of reverse lights.

1969 Renault R10 nose

The car is said to need some work, but is in original, untouched condition. Unfortunately, that included not touching the car with wax or polish, and touching the driver’s seat with a whole roll of tape, but the overall impression is of a car that could work out with just some mechanical reconditioning. In the seller’s defense, the car is quite well photographed, although for some reason it’s identified as an Alliance. Note two things in the picture above – the unusual hood ornament, whose origin is not clear (JC Whitney?), and the California black plate and frame showing the car was sold by the Persin International Harvester/Renault dealership (unlucky choice on that product lineup!) in Sacramento.

1967 Renault R10 engine

Under the hood doesn’t look too bad – if that shroud comes out, access should be no worse than any front-engined car, which is unusual if you consider the Beetles, 911s, and Type 3/4s of the world. No detail is given on what the car needs, although the cleaned air filter housing suggests someone has at least squirted starter fluid in there, and perhaps even attempted some repairs. Bored of Beetles? Want a cheap ticket into the Best of France and Italy show? Here’s your ticket!


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  1. larry Says:

    I need for some one to call me regarding the two r-10 Renault if they still for sale ,please contact me at 310-894-9447.thank you larry

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