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Group Siblings – 1958 Borgward Isabella Kombi and 1960 Lloyd LT600 Van

May 23, 2014

Welcome back to the wonderful and sometimes weird world of European post-war cars. The Borgward Isabella, as mentioned here before, was a middle-class sedan that was slated to fill the gap in between everyman cars like Volkswagen and Opel, and the upper class of Mercedes-Benz and perhaps Glas. As an entry-luxury car, it faced one significant competitor – BMW. And that well-connected upstart was ultimately implicated in political conspiracies whose authors suggest that the government’s failure to continue to sustain them was due to the influence of BMW’s backers. Anyhow, for a while there they had some interesting cars that were well-engineered and provided sporting (for the time) performance combined with the austere German interpretation of post-war luxury. Have a look at this 1958 Borgward Isabella Kombi for sale for $2500 in Stanwood, WA.

1958 Borgward Isabella Kombi right front


Sightseeing – Borgward Isabella Coupe and TS Sedan

November 4, 2013

Some makes and models of older cars are so obscure that the most common way to find them is as a sun-baked hulk in someone’s yard. Such is often the case with Borgward, a Bremen, Germany-based manufacturer of upper-middle-class luxury cars that slotted in the gap between Mercedes and VW/Opel. With a top speed of over 80mph, 4-wheel independent suspension, a hydraulic clutch, and more competitive features, it was quite a nice car in its day, and fairly successful with production of just over 200,000 cars. Unfortunately, the parent company failed to take advantage of economies of scale across its four divisions (Borgward, Hansa, Goliath, and Lloyd), and thanks to this and a slump in demand at home and abroad, went bankrupt in 1961. The current seller of this Borgward Isabella coupe, for sale for $900 in East Los Angeles, CA, will probably also not be clearing a profit on his car.

1958 Borgward Isabella coupe for sale