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Group Siblings – 1958 Borgward Isabella Kombi and 1960 Lloyd LT600 Van

May 23, 2014

Welcome back to the wonderful and sometimes weird world of European post-war cars. The Borgward Isabella, as mentioned here before, was a middle-class sedan that was slated to fill the gap in between everyman cars like Volkswagen and Opel, and the upper class of Mercedes-Benz and perhaps Glas. As an entry-luxury car, it faced one significant competitor – BMW. And that well-connected upstart was ultimately implicated in political conspiracies whose authors suggest that the government’s failure to continue to sustain them was due to the influence of BMW’s backers. Anyhow, for a while there they had some interesting cars that were well-engineered and provided sporting (for the time) performance combined with the austere German interpretation of post-war luxury. Have a look at this 1958 Borgward Isabella Kombi for sale for $2500 in Stanwood, WA.

1958 Borgward Isabella Kombi right front