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Mighty Manual – 1984 BMW 733i

November 22, 2015

There are plenty of great, affordable luxury sedans that’ll eat your wallet alive if you aren’t watching out. Even reliable older Lexus LS400s have some complicated repairs due at this point that, while probably not as draining as that beater W140 S-class you’ve been eyeing, are nonetheless costly. There are a few ways to mitigate risk on older luxury sedans, and one is to reduce complexity. Like by finding a unicorn-ish E23 BMW with a manual transmission, which avoids the failure of the automatic at around 100,000 miles. That leads us to this 1984 BMW 733i for sale for $2400 in Vancouver, WA.

1984 BMW 733i left side



Forlorn Luxury – 1978 BMW 733i

November 12, 2015

In between featuring several sporty coupes inspired by last week’s Subaru BR-Z rental, it’s important not to let a couple of other interesting deals slip through our hands. And speaking of general bloat and jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none, look at what’s happened to the BMW 7-series since the original E23 version debuted in 1977. And on top of that, the remaining original cars have depreciated quite significantly, such that you can pick up a semi-running car for a 3-digit price. Check out this 1978 BMW 733i for sale for $500 in Stevenson, WA.

1978 BMW 733 left front


Woohoo, Cheap Meat Again! – 1983 BMW 733i

March 5, 2014

It’s not often you can pick up a German autobahn bruiser for a mere 3 digit price. As you may know, RustyButTrusty loves it some old BMWs, and the E23 7-series is one of them. Mostly unloved in the used car market, although it’s not as clear why as with the E21 3-series, their perceived complexity might be a deal-killer for many. However, knowing you paid less than 10 Benjamins for a respectable looking car means you might be willing to overlook, say, broken cruise control or air conditioning that just needs a charge. You can find this 1983 BMW 733i for sale for the low, low price of C$999 in Maple Ridge, BC.

1983 BMW 733i left front