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Early Influence – 1980 BMW 528i

March 3, 2016

BMW’s E12 5-series was arguably the first manifestation of their transition from a brief phase as a manufacturer of spartan sport sedans into their current phase as a builder of luxury sport sedans. The experience of driving a 5-series (or any of the cars that came after) was very compelling, but not quite as raw (nor were the cars as light) as any of the Neue Klasse-derived cars. Curiously, these still remain one of the undiscovered bargains of the classic BMW world, perhaps just because they’re overshadowed by the E28 5-series and the E10 2002. So let’s take a look at this 1980 BMW 528i for sale for $3750 in Portland, OR.

1980 BMW 528i left front



Overlooked – 1979 BMW 528i

October 8, 2015

So you want an old BMW, but the gorgeous E9 coupes have always been out of reach, the 2002 and even the E3 Bavaria etc. have moved up in price, and even the newer E28 is experiencing a price lift in its old age. What do you do if you want that classic BMW feeling – a clean car with great visibility and a simple interior lacking most luxury nonsense? If you need adequate space for 4 passengers and possibly a self-shifting transmission, the 1979-1981 E12 5-seriesis definitely worth a look. Check out this 1979 BMW 528i for sale for $1 in Portland, OR.

1979 BMW 528i right front


A Grand Each – E12 BMW 528i Collection

September 18, 2014

Apparently, there are some people who tend to accumulate multiples. Not multiple cars, but several of the same brand, type, and model, as with today’s seller, who has an epic 5 BMW E12 sedans for sale. These cars are arguably equally significant to the 2002 for BMW – even if they haven’t achieved the cult classic popularity of their older brother, they paved the way for BMW’s basic 3-tiered model strategy that carries through to today. Check out this assortment of BMW 528i and 530i cars for sale for $4000 in Reno, NV.

1981 BMW 528i right front 1