A Grand Each – E12 BMW 528i Collection

Apparently, there are some people who tend to accumulate multiples. Not multiple cars, but several of the same brand, type, and model, as with today’s seller, who has an epic 5 BMW E12 sedans for sale. These cars are arguably equally significant to the 2002 for BMW – even if they haven’t achieved the cult classic popularity of their older brother, they paved the way for BMW’s basic 3-tiered model strategy that carries through to today. Check out this assortment of BMW 528i and 530i cars for sale for $4000 in Reno, NV.

1981 BMW 528i right front 1

The first car is clearly the jewel of the collection. Paint looks decent, if slightly oxidized, and the car features Racing Dynamics wheels more often found on early 1990s BMWs. Alpina turbine wheels would be a more obvious and attractive choice here, or perhaps something Italian like Momo Vegas. The rest of the car is said to be almost completely restored and running, and has a custom two-toned interior that might not appeal to everyone. In this listing, it’s said to have cold A/C, 204,000 miles, and an engine from a 533i with about 50K on it. The clutch is spongy, and the discs are warped, but it’s a daily driver for the seller.

1981 BMW 528i right front 2

The second car is a 1981 BMW 528i that runs, but is missing a distributor – so really, it used to run. Aside from a bash to the right front fender, it looks pretty solid, if worn – many of these older 5-series reached fairly high mileages. Its main duty has been as a parts car to the one above. Separately, you can have it for $750.

1979 BMW 528i right front 4

Haven’t had enough E12 yet? This 1979 BMW 528i is said to run but need some TLC. Individually, you can have this one for $500.

1977 BMW 530i right front 3

Last but not least is a 1977 BMW 530i, also listed here for $750. It’s described as running but needing a window and some care. The seller is willing to trade for various items like a pool table, ping pong table, electronics, firewood, and other stuff, none of which are quite as fun on the road. Last and least is a 1979 528i with no engine or transmission, which the seller will throw in if you want it. How would you like to be the crazy cat lady of E12s?


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2 Responses to “A Grand Each – E12 BMW 528i Collection”

  1. Phil Says:

    I found this on a web search and I know its a long shot, but looking for a 78-81 parts car for the L Jetronic fuel injection. Do you still have any of the cars listed with such and how much. Where located?

  2. d.wilson Says:

    Hello, i too am still interested in the listing? are any of the vehicles available? I need parts for a restoration

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