Not Limited – 1966 Ford LTD

Many enthusiasts would agree that American manufacturers hit some design high points in the 1960s – freeing themselves from the clutter of tailfins and excessive chrome of the 1950s, and simultaneously blissfully unaware of the 1970s constraints imposed by safety bumpers, headlight and bumper height regulations, and more. Based on the Galaxie line of cars, the LTD was the top of the line for the 12th generation full-size Ford, and was available with V8 power from 289 to 428 cubic inches. And while it’s a bit of a grandma car, seeing one of these parked on a corner of a postwar suburban street evokes the height of the cold war, space race, and more. Check out this 1966 Ford LTD for sale for $3000 in Sparks, NV.

1966 Ford LTD right front

Stacked headlights give a fairly upmarket look, mirroring the approach taken by Cadillac, Pontiac and Mercedes. If you squint, you can also see Mustang and Thunderbird in the lines of the car. 1966 LTD 4-door sedans were only available as a hardtop, and the black vinyl roof only serves to emphasize this, especially on this white car. Make sure you check the roof carefully for rust – the vinyl tended to trap moisture against the metal.

1966 Ford LTD left front

Unfortunately, the seller does not provide much detail, suggesting they might actually be selling grandma’s old car. It’s said to have 46,000 miles and an excellent interior, and not surprisingly it’s equipped with an automatic transmission. This car is great in original condition, but how about as a hot rod? Some Minilite wheels, number circles and sponsor decals, and some suspension and engine upgrades might make for a surprising and fun back road battleship.


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3 Responses to “Not Limited – 1966 Ford LTD”

  1. jb Says:

    still available?

  2. Adam Says:

    I think I have this car, looks to be the same one. Would love any additional information if you have any. Thanks!

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