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Moving the Fleet – Rusty But Trusty Relocation

September 17, 2015

After a long period of separation, during which RustyButTrusty’s headquarters and vast team of writers relocated to the lovely Portland, Oregon metro area, the fleet was brought up to its new headquarters. Two good friends with mechanical skill and/or a desire to drive old cars were enlisted. After several months of disuse, the cars were woken from their slumber and forced to make up for missed time. Sadly, there was not enough time to explore west coast back roads, as part of the incentive for driving up in convoy was a visit to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, OR. So the trip was a simplified version of the 700 mile dash up the interior of California and Oregon. Do you like sweating on hot, vinyl seats because it’s 90 degrees out? Nobody said this lifestyle didn’t involve suffering…

1 1977 Alfa Spider on SF Bay Bridge


Rusty But Trusty on the Street – BMW 2002tii, Jaguar XJ6, Pontiac Catalina, Datsun 2000, and Mercedes 280SL

April 1, 2014

Time for more catching up on the local sights. First off is an early-morning sighting of a BMW 2002tii the way we like them – daily driven and a little crispy around the edges. This would probably horrify the local BMWCCA show crowd – after all, no amount of Q-tips will clean the dirt out of the nooks and crannies on this one – but it’s great to see someone actually using their 2002 – a tii no less – as intended. This looks to be the Agave green color, and aside from the rust, it looks really straight and complete, down to the steel tii wheels with hubcaps. This has been a California car since at least the early 1980s, judging by the sunrise plates.