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Topless British Fun For Four – 1962 Triumph Herald 6

May 9, 2010

Not as scandalous as it sounds… Britain of the early sixties wouldn’t have stood for that! Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of a 4-seat convertible so my family and I could go out with the top down, so 4-place convertibles have always held a special appeal for me. Besides being an interesting car as it is, the Herald convertible is a 4-seater with a good-size trunk, just right for taking the family away for a weekend in the Gold Country.

The only problem with taking a Triumph Herald out with a load of luggage and people is that there’s only 39 horsepower to get them there. Luckily, someone else thought of this problem before you did, and decided the best way to resolve the problem was to install the engine from the GT6, creating the Vitesse. Then, someone else who couldn’t get their hands on a Vitesse decided a good idea would be to do it themselves. That brings us to this car, for sale in the East Bay Area near San Francisco, CA for $3000.

1962 Triumph Herald 6 left