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Heat Wave Weekend – 1982, 1979, and 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

June 3, 2016

Something about the prospect of a very hot weekend on the western seaboard brings to mind the idea of a convertible in which to enjoy all that sun. And what’s better than spending a hot weekend like that in a car with vinyl seats, no roof, and no air conditioning, plus a noticeable lack of insulation from the engine’s heat? Kidding aside, what’s particularly nice about a convertible on very hot days is going out for an evening drive with the top down – you can enjoy the breeze and the engine sounds without having to layer up, and without the sun burning you up. So in honor of the heat wave, here are a handful of Alfa Spiders. Let’s start with this 1982 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce for sale for $4500 in Rosamond, CA.

1982 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2 left front


Baby’s Back – 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

May 23, 2016

After a protracted period of downtime following its interstate move, the RustyButTrusty Alfa Spider took a time-out under a cover in the garage. Its issues were minor, but it finally went down to the local Alfa doctor in Portland to get some attention. Fortunately, the minor issues included an air leak causing a racing idle, along with a chunk missing out of a long-cracked donut, and some pinging under part throttle. With these problems resolved (at relatively small cost, fortunately), it’s eager to please again. Which brings us to an important point – the 105/115-chassis Spider is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to live the Alfa experience. Check out this 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce for sale for $4500 in Napa County, CA.

1978 Alfa Romeo Spider 2 left front


S2 vs. S4 – 1973 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce and 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

January 6, 2016

Have you ever met two siblings and thought, could these people really have come from the same parents? If you haven’t, you’ll certainly find yourself saying it of the different generations of Alfa Spider. The 1971-1982 Series 2 (S2) Alfa Spider, while fairly comfortable and spacious in its cruising/touring role, is also a fairly raw, raucous sports car whose driving experience is dominated by a wonderful engine note and good handling dampened by cowl shake and live axle quirks. The 1991-1994 Series 4 (S4) Alfa Spider is the older brother, with slightly sharper engine response, stiffer platform, and a much more muted version of the Alfa twincam four, together with narrower leather/alcantara seating and all the electric conveniences and ease of use of a modern (ish) sports car of the 1990s. In spite of that, it has some archaic characteristics like the S2’s live axle peccadilloes, cowl shake, and narrow cabin. To get started, let’s check out this 1973 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce for sale for $3500 in San Francisco, CA.

1973 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce right rear