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Heat Wave Weekend – 1982, 1979, and 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

June 3, 2016

Something about the prospect of a very hot weekend on the western seaboard brings to mind the idea of a convertible in which to enjoy all that sun. And what’s better than spending a hot weekend like that in a car with vinyl seats, no roof, and no air conditioning, plus a noticeable lack of insulation from the engine’s heat? Kidding aside, what’s particularly nice about a convertible on very hot days is going out for an evening drive with the top down – you can enjoy the breeze and the engine sounds without having to layer up, and without the sun burning you up. So in honor of the heat wave, here are a handful of Alfa Spiders. Let’s start with this 1982 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce for sale for $4500 in Rosamond, CA.

1982 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2 left front


Alfa 2004tii – 1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina

January 19, 2016

There were certainly many interesting compact sedans on the market in 1972 – Datsun, BMW, Fiat, Opel and others had compelling options that were either naturally sporty, or could be made so with some minor modifications. Arguably, the closest competitors at the higher end of that range were BMW and Alfa Romeo, with the 2002/2002tii (or a lightly used 2000 tilux if you were willing to go that route) and the GTV/Berlina, respectively. Performance-wise, the 2002tii and Berlina were near equals, the Alfa claiming a slight edge in speed and power, as well as luxury features, and the BMW coming out ahead in weight and fuel economy. Of course, there are also the subjective values in choosing between Italian and German cars, but for reasons that are best left to a long, boring dissertation, BMW came out ahead, and we all know how Alfa’s been doing the last 10 years. So let’s flash back to when we could choose for ourselves and have a look at this 1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina for sale in Flanders, NJ with bidding at $3700, reserve not met and about 4 hours left to go.

1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina left front