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Karmann TR – 1976 Triumph TR6

April 3, 2014

With the recent booms and busts of our up-and-down economy, different classic cars have been affected in different ways in the market. Everybody knows vintage Porsches are up, but it behooves every car nut to also understand what cars are down in order to get a good deal on a car that might have cost more a few years back. A good example of that is the Triumph TR6 – values seem to be down slightly, and this means that cars needing a little effort are easier to snap up. One such car is this 1976 Triumph TR6, for sale for $3950 near Dripping Springs, TX (itself near Austin).

1976 Triumph TR6 right rear



1971 Triumph TR6

July 1, 2009

Having always been a fan of 6-cylinder Triumphs, but having a hard time finding one at an affordable price, I had to jump on this particular car, listed here in Thousand Oaks, CA for $2000. I can’t say I have a particular story about these, or even any experience with them, except for one I test drove while I was in high school. Even at that time (15ish years ago), I think it was about $3000 for a ratty example in primer with a steering rack that was not properly secured to the rest of the car. I was kind of surprised the owner let me out on a test drive by myself, until I found out it wouldn’t get me too far.

Anyway, that was so bad, I couldn’t possibly run into another example that bad! Or could I? For $2000, this car with seemingly original color, no visible rust (solid according to the seller), and mostly complete, seems like a screaming deal. It’s even one of the earlier cars with smaller chrome bumpers and limited smog equipment. Check it out:

1971 Triumph TR6 left quarter