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The Heartbeat of…. England? 1975 Austin Marina Coupe

February 19, 2010

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day – an Austin Marina. I’ve been to a fair amount of oddball car shows, plus I live in California, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one of these, on the road or off. To many people in England, this would be a good indicator that I’m lucky enough to go out and buy a lottery ticket, but having never been exposed to one, I’d like to find out why. Check out this ad from Unique Cars and Parts, which is apparently convincing the 1975 version of me to consider something other than the Hillman-based Plymouth Cricket at the dealer lot across the street.

Here’s the text (technical #$@%$ is keeping me from pasting the video into this post):

Life, performance – they depend on your heart – same goes for a car! It’s power, it’s efficiency depend on its heart.

That’s why we’ve taken the heart of the MGB sports car and put it into the Austin Marina, where it yields economy at a beat of over 20 miles per gallon, based on government tests.

The Marina, the family car, with the heart of the MGB sports car.

Wow, over 20mpg!! During a fuel crisis. In a 4-cylinder compact sedan. I think I know what part of the problem is!

1975 Austin Marina front