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Powered by Volvo – 1964 Jeep DJ3

June 11, 2015

Powertrain swaps are not that unusual in the Jeep world, but are typically done with domestic engines like the Buick V6 or a small block Chevrolet V8. Volvo engines are also no stranger to engine swaps – though not quite as common, the Facel Vega Facellia received the Volvo 4-cylinder both as a retrofit to make up for the shortcomings of the Pont a Mousson four-cylinder, and then as factory spec. But a Volvo 4-cylinder engine into a Jeep? That’s something new. Check out this 1964 Jeep DJ3 with a Volvo engine for sale for $3500 in Santa Rosa, CA.

1964 Jeep DJ3 Volvo engine right



Real Trucks – 1973 Jeep J2000 4×4 and 1962 Willys Jeep Truck

May 27, 2014

Last week, there were a couple of compact trucks featured here. But wait, you sputtered, those trucks won’t be able to haul anything more than a few sheets of plywood or some mulch! I need something more angular, burly, and with more driven wheels! I need a vehicle that would be found among cows in grassy pastures, on gravel roads by a white fence, or in front of a farmhouse! Well, oddly enough, the car gods must have been listening, which is why you need to check out this 1973 Jeep J2000 4×4 for sale for $4000 in Pilot Rock, OR.

1973 Jeep J2000 left front


Incognito – 1973 Jeep Commando C104

February 4, 2014

Ever have a hard time deciding between a Jeepster and a Bronco? Ever want a car that looked like it was built under license in a developing country with a hastily-designed nose job and upgrade to a more agricultural powerplant? Well, your search is over, because soon after AMC acquired Jeep in 1970, they mandated a 3″ longer wheelbase and a longer nose to accommodate their 232ci and 258ci I6s, and their 304ci V8. You can find this 1973 Jeep Commando C104 for sale in Arlington, WA for $2500.

1973 Jeep Commando right front