Incognito – 1973 Jeep Commando C104

Ever have a hard time deciding between a Jeepster and a Bronco? Ever want a car that looked like it was built under license in a developing country with a hastily-designed nose job and upgrade to a more agricultural powerplant? Well, your search is over, because soon after AMC acquired Jeep in 1970, they mandated a 3″ longer wheelbase and a longer nose to accommodate their 232ci and 258ci I6s, and their 304ci V8. You can find this 1973 Jeep Commando C104 for sale in Arlington, WA for $2500.

1973 Jeep Commando right front

The Commando’s new nose, while more contemporary, is not as convincing as the old one (just like with your local news anchor!). It kind of looks like something between a Bronco and Dodge’s full-size pickups. And it loses the iconic Jeep vertical-bar grill, along with the signature front fenders. So in one fell swoop, they removed the most recognizable aspects of the brand – would that ever happen today? The truck itself looks in pretty decent shape, although the right front fender has been through some fisticuffs. The roof also looks to have fading and/or corrosion.

1973 Jeep Commando left rear

Even the back end looks more Jeep-like, with a certain resemblance to the SJ Cherokee. The biggest appeal of these is as an open top cruiser, but can you imagine what it takes to remove the roof? The car is in a tow yard, so make sure you’re getting a car with clean documentation so there are no questions when it’s time to sell. It’s said to run and drive well, and has had fresh fluids and filters.

1973 Jeep Commando interior

The interior looks a little rough, and it’s not clear whether the driver’s seat is the only one that comes with the car. Does anyone know if these cars were supposed to have door cards, or carpeting for that matter? The simple instrumentation is appealing, and who else thinks that shifter with the 4-foot long handle is crazy?

1973 Jeep Commando engine

The 258 should put out adequate power and a nice chunk of torque – just don’t rev it too high. AMC’s 258 appeared in various agricultural applications (really!), so finding parts shouldn’t be too difficult, and it should be fairly rugged. That battery even looks fairly new, though the bungy cord hold-down needs to go. Would you drive this car with the equivalent of a Groucho rubber nose/moustache/glasses?


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