Real Trucks – 1973 Jeep J2000 4×4 and 1962 Willys Jeep Truck

Last week, there were a couple of compact trucks featured here. But wait, you sputtered, those trucks won’t be able to haul anything more than a few sheets of plywood or some mulch! I need something more angular, burly, and with more driven wheels! I need a vehicle that would be found among cows in grassy pastures, on gravel roads by a white fence, or in front of a farmhouse! Well, oddly enough, the car gods must have been listening, which is why you need to check out this 1973 Jeep J2000 4×4 for sale for $4000 in Pilot Rock, OR.

1973 Jeep J2000 left front

This truly is a nicely preserved truck that looks to have benefited from the dry Oregon climate and probably more gentle usage than it was designed for. The J2000 was the short wheel base version of Jeep’s full-size truck line, and offered four-wheel-drive as an option. It was the second in a series of Jeep vehicles that shared everything forward of the B-pillar between pickup and wagon lines. This particular truck is fitted with a visor over the windshield, and has a period camper shell. The setting and lighting of the photography is nearly catalog-worthy, and does a lot to make this old truck look very appealing.

1973 Jeep J2000 engine

The photographer was not as successful under the hood, but enough to see this truck is equipped with the AMC 258 inline six, pushing out 112hp and 210 lb.-ft. of torque (only 35 less than the V8!). Things look pretty clean here, and the truck even comes complete with a little washer fluid baggie that’s no doubt disappeared from most of these. Engine, clutch, and brakes are all said to have less than 1000 miles on them, so you should be set for miles of major-trouble-free, if slow, motoring.

1973 Jeep J2000 right rear

White steel wheels with no caps and white bumpers are a good contrast against the bronze paint, and the only real thing to complain about is the fading Jeep lettering on the tailgate. The bed only shows light surface rust and a minimal amount of scratching for what is, after all, a work vehicle. Wait, what? Straight lines on the body, a near complete lack of rust and a rebuilt engine aren’t tough enough? You like your fenders more, how you say, rumpled? Perhaps you should take a look at this 1962 Willys Jeep Truck, for sale for $3750 in Redmond, OR.

1962 Willys Jeep Truck left front

It’s definitely appealing, there’s no doubt about that. As a so-called barn find in original condition, you’ll no doubt need to do a full resurrection – new tires, fluids, hoses, rebuild the brakes, and so on. But if you’re on board with its original aesthetic, it actually appears to have very little rust, and should work well as an urban commuter. Sure, it guzzles more gas than your Kia, and it’s uncomfortable and unsafe. But think of the upside! Parking space too small? Who cares! Changed lanes too soon? Who cares! This truck is fitted with a 226ci Continental Super Hurricane inline six, and is said to have a 4-speed transmission, likely a welcome upgrade from the stock 3-speed. So if you were looking to get away from cupholders, CD players and air conditioning, which would you pick?


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One Response to “Real Trucks – 1973 Jeep J2000 4×4 and 1962 Willys Jeep Truck”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    That J2000 is impressively clean; those things started rusting while still on the assembly line. Price seems more then fair if it’s truly as clean as it appears.

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