Split Window Wagon – 1969 Volvo 145S

As you track down specific types of old cars, you start noticing the nuances that, while overlooked by the casual enthusiast, are visible to someone who specializes in a certain marque or even model. Call them anoraks, call them nerds, call them bores, or call them founts of knowledge, it’s hard not to pick some of those things up yourself. No doubt most enthusiasts have heard of split window Corvettes or split window Beetles, but did you know there’s a split window Volvo wagon? Check out this 1969 Volvo 145S for sale for $4500 in Portland, OR.

1969 Volvo 145S left front

There are still quite a few of the later, big bumper 140-series cars around, but the early small bumper cars seem to be a rarity these days. This car is only from the second year of production for the 145 wagon, and has some of the charming details that distinguish it from the newer cars – light-duty bumpers, aluminum grill with dual round headlights, skinny steel wheels with hubcaps, and grab-handles on the doors (as opposed to the later flush push button handles). It looks to be in good overall shape, although there’s no way to tell from these photos if the paint covers body filler – bring a magnet along on your visit.

1969 Volvo 145S interior

Mmmm, plush red seats! The interior is lacking a headliner and carpets, but at least this allows you to view the floor pan in all its glory. The Swedes are right up there with the French in terms of building supportive but soft and cushy seats, and in that regard, these seats look seriously inviting. Here you can also see some of the charm of the early cars – a slim dash with a ribbon speedometer and grab handle, long-handled shifter, and 4-spoke wheel with horn ring.

1969 Volvo 145S engine

Two years before the debut of D-Jetronic fuel injection in the 140 series, you got dual SU carburetors in what was basically the engine from a 123GT. Under the hood, things look functional and clean, but not overly polished. What is the deal with one white inner fender and one dark one? In any event, it must be nice to have that much space in which to work on your car’s engine.

1969 Volvo 145S left rear

And here it is, the infamous rear side window that makes this Volvo a splittie. It’s not readily obvious what the purpose is, as it seems to encourage re-entry of the exhaust gases into the car – the trunk shot shows some folding panels, so perhaps this was for those rear passengers to get flow-through ventilation from the front. And while this car does not appear to be a complete steal, how long will you look for another one?


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One Response to “Split Window Wagon – 1969 Volvo 145S”

  1. peter findlay Says:

    is this vehicle – or one similar – still available?

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