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SCCA F Street Prepared – 1978 Honda Accord Hatch

September 22, 2014

Honda’s Accord is not exactly known to raise anybody’s heart rate, barring some limited-production Si-R and Type R versions not imported to North America. But add a dash of Minilite wheel here, sports suspension there, and sticky rubber here, and all of a sudden you have a fun little car with a rev-happy four-cylinder that will entertain you on the way, even if getting there is not so quick. And as discussed before in this very place, it’s always fun to see these older Japanese cars from when eastern manufacturers were still finding their way in North America, and when their full-size offerings were the size of their current compact sedans. Check out this 1978 Honda Accord Hatch SCCA F Street Prepared for sale for $2900 in Salem, OR.

1978 Honda Accord FSP right front


Why Is This Still Listed – 1972 Honda AZ600

September 18, 2014

The Honda 600 has long been the alternative to the wildly popular Mini, together with cars like the Hillman/Sunbeam Imp and Fiat 500. It’s also fairly significant for Honda – while the first generation Civic and Accord were probably their equivalent of BMW’s 2002 break-out hit, this was their first serious foray for a mainstream audience, much like the Neue Klasse sedans were for BMW. Really though, the Honda AZ600, as the sporting, cut-down version of the standard AN600, was probably closer to, say, a Mini Marcos. Either way, it was probably the lowest-priced car in America to have a tachometer, much less one that went up to a 6000rpm redline. Check out this 1972 Honda AZ600 for sale for $2900 in Sparks, NV.

1972 Honda AZ600 2 right front


Original Owner – 1987 Honda Prelude Si

May 20, 2014

The Honda Prelude started out as a coupe derivative of the Accord, as part of the launch of the Honda Verno distribution channel in Japan. The first-generation Prelude was nicknamed the Quaalude, and Honda must have taken this to heart, as the redesigned 1983 Prelude traded funky, blocky styling for sleek looks with flip-up headlights and the trademark low hood and cowl. An overhead cam engine with 3 valves per cylinder was also advanced for the mid-1980s, as were the graphic equalizer stereo and orange typeface on all gauges and switches. Check out this 1987 Honda Prelude Si for sale for $3000 in Berkeley, CA.

1987 Honda Prelude Si left front