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G-g-g-ghost, Scoob! – 1989 Subaru GL-10 Turbo Sedan

September 15, 2015

For your average car nut, it’s hard to not like the idea of a 1980s Subaru – turbo power, angular 1980s design, some restrained aero pieces, full-time four wheel drive, and some sweet graphics proclaiming the strengths of the car, in the hope that someone driving behind to you will get up really close and say to themselves “full-time 4wd Subaru GL-10 and two mudflaps with 4WD on them? where do I sign?” just before rear-ending you. Much like yesterday’s early 1980s Escort, attrition has claimed many of these, only it’s more exciting if you find a good one since, well, it’s not a 1980s Escort. Check out this 1989 Subaru Loyale GL-10 Sedan for sale for $2500 in Portland, OR.

1989 Subaru GL-10 Turbo sedan left front