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If The Van’s A-Rockin’ – 1964 Ford Econoline

March 19, 2014

One of the great things about old cars is they’re so easily able to illustrate a specific time in history (well, at least the last 120 years). Conversion vans are definitely one of those vehicles – remnants of a relatively short-lived fad that could have been an outgrowth of the craze for VW Type 2 vans in the late sixties. Take dad’s old trade van, airbrush something cool on the outside, and pick from a list of bar/shag carpet/heart shaped windows/quadraphonic stereo with 8-track player/bed/captain’s chairs/tuck-and-roll vinyl to complete the effect. Sure, you’ll want to throw a whole bottle of Lysol at the interior of this thing, but after that, it’s the perfect canvas for a restoration, not to when it was new, but to its reinvention at the age of ten or so. You can find this 1964 Ford Econoline for sale for $3500 in Santa Rosa, CA.

1964 Ford Econoline left front