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E32 Double Feature – 1990 BMW 735iL and 1990 BMW 750iL

March 29, 2016

Old luxury cars are in this kind of limbo, which many of them don’t survive. They’re too passé to attract the attention of their wealthy first owners. Tossed aside when the next new thing comes along, they move down to aspiring types who want to project the image of their first owners for less money (or, you might argue, sensible types who can’t stomach the idea of absorbing the double-hit of costly depreciation and maintenance). For round three, they’re fully depreciated to three or four percent of their inflation-adjusted new price. Of course, you’re not getting 100% of the original car – mileage figures are often solidly into six digits, and all the luxury amenities have suffered from use and environmental degradation – but if you budget thoughtfully, an older luxury car can still be a compelling proposition for someone on a modest budget. So first, let’s take a look at this 1990 BMW 735iL for sale for $3500 in Port Charlotte, FL.

1990 BMW 735iL left front



First V12 – 1989 BMW 750 iL

September 13, 2013

BMW today has a large variety of engines – inline 4, inline 6, v8, v10, v12 – but take the time machine back to 1987 and think of what your options were. You had 3-, 5-, 6-, and 7-series models, and depending on where you lived you had a choice of inline 4 and inline 6 engines. The 750 iL was the first to blow that 30ish-year convention out of the water, offering two side-by-side M20 inline sixes in BMW’s first V12 engine for 300hp and 330 lb.-ft. of thrust. You can find this first-year BMW 750 iL for $2500 in the Fort Worth area of Texas.

1989 BMW 750iL left side