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RPO Z09 – 1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth Twin Cam

September 15, 2014

Originally slated for a 185hp Cosworth 16-valve version of the Chevrolet Vega’s inline four, the final horsepower number was dumbed down from the original 1971 forecast to 140hp in 1973 and finally 110hp in 1975 at the car’s release. However, put yourself back in the early emissions-strangled dark days of 1975 – catalytic converters were a new requirement, and manufacturers were still learning how to reduce emissions without heavily impacting performance. Well, okay, they had not learned much yet, and to make things worse, the 1972 change to net horsepower ratings means converted to net hp, the original number could have been anywhere between 130-170hp. And with roughly similar cars putting out similar figures (see twincam Fiat and Alfa engines to get you started) the power numbers are actually pretty respectable. Check out this 1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth for sale for $3900 in Eastern Long Island, NY.

1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth right front


Cheap Cossie – 1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16

October 22, 2013

Cosworth-powered cars are fairly rare on North American soil. Compared to what was available in Europe, we only received the Chevrolet Cosworth Vega, which was a great concept that fell down in the execution, and the Mercedes 190E 2.3-16, which was a great car that has lived in the shadow of the contemporary BMW M3. Mercedes had originally asked Cosworth to develop an engine for a rally version of their new 190E, but when Audi came out with the all-conquering Quattro, Mercedes side-stepped and took its car to touring races. This required homologation sales, so the road-going 190E 2.3-16 was developed for sale. Adding a twin cam 16-valve head, lightened pistons and upgraded rings yielded 49hp over the regular 2.3’s 136hp, though the engine was detuned to 167hp for the North American market. You can find your own Anglo-Teutonic screamer in this 1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16, available for $3500 in Berkeley, CA.

1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 left front


Orphan American – 1972 Chevrolet Vega Kammback

March 29, 2010

So you’re probably thinking, oh, RustyButTrusty is wandering towards the mainstream again with this choice of car. To answer that, I have two responses. One, when’s the last time you saw a Vega on the road? Two, what car enthusiast wouldn’t be interested in a car with coil springs all around, front disc brakes, and an aluminum-block overhead cam 80-90hp four-cylinder, in a stylish 2-door package influenced by cars such as the Fiat 124 coupe? Let’s not dismiss the poor reputation Vegas had back when they were new , but 40 years on, any survivors must have been exempt from those issues, or have had them resolved by resourceful owners.

Going any further into the history of the Vega would just be duplicating the truly interesting Wikipedia page about this car, but the innovations in this car stretched beyond simply the car itself, into things such as the transportation. Cars were transported via rail stood up on their noses, vertically, yet were delivered in a ready-to-drive state. This particular car seems to have survived that and any number of other threats to its existence, and is available in Oklahoma City, OK for $2300.

1972 Chevrolet Vega Kammback right