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Price of Entry – 1973 BMW Bavaria

January 12, 2016

Along with their companion models, the E3 chassis BMW sedans have experienced a recent increase in value, and those of us who hunt around in the high 3-figure and low 4-figure priced cars have seen them move out of reach. So it’s a pleasure to see one of these cars show up at a reasonable price, and one that’s pretty decent looking at that. In the context of the E9 coupes, these are not attractive cars, but they have that 1960s/1970s European look that might trigger the “hey, interesting car!” idiot light to go on in your head. And interesting they are, with respectable power from a straight six that’s hopefully had its overheating and fueling issues sorted by a previous owner, decent handling and a comfortable, if spartan interior as you’d expect from a European luxury sedan of the period. Take a close look at this 1973 BMW Bavaria for sale for $600 in Berkeley, CA.

1973 BMW Bavaria right front


Up, Up, Up and Away – 1974 BMW Bavaria

December 3, 2015

For quite a long time, BMW’s E3 series of sedans (2500, 2800, 3.0Si and Bavaria) soldiered on in the shadow of their more famous E10 2002 and E9 coupe siblings, and they were a hidden secret in the BMW community. But it seems the internet does not conceal much, and those who own and sell their E3s are waking up to the possibility that they should sell for more money than in the past. So while these are still not as desirable, the way Alfa Berlinas are less desirable than Giulia sedans, they have gained value in the same way. Of course, with diligent searching you can still find what appear to be decent drivers at a fair price. Check out this 1974 BMW Bavaria for sale for $3999 in Burien, WA.

1974 BMW Bavaria left side


It’s a Bav – 1973 BMW Bavaria

September 4, 2014

It’s been a while since a Bavaria has appeared here, so when a recent search yielded a running example, it was an automatic candidate for a write-up. These 7-series predecessors are finally getting some of the respect they deserve, much like other less desirable relatives of more popular cars (see Alfa Giulia TI/Giulia Super/Berlina, Dino coupe/spider, Porsche 912). So your former parts donor is now a source for more than parts – it’s a source of a similar driving experience at a more accessible cost of entry, and sometimes one you can more easily share with friends. Check out this 1973 BMW Bavaria for sale for $2500 in Port St. Lucie, FL.

1973 BMW Bavaria 2 left front