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Be Right Back – 1962 Volvo 122S

June 17, 2016

Back when there wasn’t much in the way of affordable sporty sedans for North American drivers, Volvo was one of the only choices. BMW was only just beginning to emerge from its odd super-luxury/super-economy strategy with the New Class 1500, Alfa was great but not as maintenance-free as most Americans wanted, and the American successes of Datsun were just a glint in their daddy’s eye. Debuting in 1956 with Chrysler-aping styling, by 1962 the 122S sported a dual-carburetor, 1.8-liter engine good for about 95hp. Let’s take a look at this 1962 Volvo 122S for sale for $2450 in Belmont, CA.

1962 Volvo 122S left front